Meet the Owner

It was a chilly evening in London. They were cooking their favorite flame-grilled chicken for some close friends for dinner at home.
The doorbell rang and the friends were greeted by the most delicious aroma of fresh chicken hot off the grill. As they sat around the table, they couldn’t resist their taste buds and were taken aback as they dug into the most tender chicken covered in two flavorful sauces. They couldn’t stop raving about the fiery combination and suggested the creators to introduce this hidden gem to the world. As the brothers relaxed after a lovely dinner, the taste lingered in their mind and they continued enjoying their garlic, lemon n herb sauce which they had just perfected, one cousin questioned the other, “How does it get better than this?” and the other cousin said, "Air-fried style chicken for a healthier option." Then... there was no looking back!

Message from the owners

We wanted to introduce the concept of GrillO® to the new generation to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our aim was to create a new trend in the market where we offer oil-free and fat-free fast food options with a distinctive taste. Our menu is ideal for all age groups of every community. The idea of GrillO® came to us when we were in UK. Back in 2000, we witnessed the requirement for healthy eating options, as more people were getting health conscious. Similarly, UAE was an emerging market to enter and we are now successfully located at 7 locations and looking forward to grow more through franchising.

Noor Muhammad
Abdul Aziz
Managing Director
Abubakr Younus
Marketing Director
Mudassir Noor
Managing Director

Contact : For any concerns or franchise inquiries

“Spreading healthier option since 2002”

“Grillo Serves Oil-free, fat-free, Guilt-free fast food options”

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